Canadian Federal Court decides to strike Refugee Agreement with U.S.A

All post In a recent ruling the Canadian Federal Court declared that they would be ending a joint refugee agreement with the U.S. This new ruling will go into effect in Ottawa in six months, giving the government time to prepare. Canada and the U.S. both took part in an agreement made in 2004 called […]

Refugees and Asylum in Canada- Am I eligible to apply as a refugee?

All post I am seeking to make a refugee claim in Canada, how do I qualify? In general, protection is only offered to two types of persons: Convention Refugee and “person in need of protection”. What does Convention Refugee mean? Convention Refugee is based on the definition of “refugee” in 1951 United Nations Convention Relating […]

Do I need a Will?

All post The first question that people usually have when talking about estate planning is, do I even need a Will? For most people the answer is overwhelmingly Yes. Having a valid Will in place provides a peace of mind that your assets and affairs will be dealt with in a manner that you have […]

Immigration- Business Applicants

All post Are there any immigration options for businesspersons? If you are interested in moving to Canada to start a business, or you have a business, you may be eligible to immigrate to Canada as a self-employed person. You may be able to apply for a start-up visa, or access one of business-oriented immigration programs […]

Express Entry

All post What is Express Entry? Express Entry is an applicant management system used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The Express Entry system considers various factors such as Age, Education, Work Experience, English and French language skills, and factors that would support a successful immigration and life in Canada, for potential immigration candidates. […]

Do I need a lawyer for IRCC

All post Do you need an immigration lawyer to apply for permanent or temporary residence in Canada? There is no rule that says an applicant must apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada through a lawyer. Many applicants apply and succeed on their own. Some applications, however, contain complexities which are difficult to navigate and […]

Refugees and Asylum in Canada- How to prepare for a Hearing

Lastly, the Refugee Protection Division will consider whether there is an area that the claimant could migrate to in her or his country of nationality to be safe from the dangers the claimant faces. Often, there may be significant obstacles between the claimant and a potential internal flight alternative, for example the prevalence of war […]

Refugees and Asylum in Canada- How to make a Claim

All post How are claims actually initiated? I am outside of Canada and want to make a claim for protection, how do I do it? If you are outside of Canada, you may contact the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) for more information about obtaining refugee protection and resettlement. I am on my way to […]