It is often that people enter into agreements with individuals, businesses, and various other organizations that fail, or do not meet their obligations for many reasons. It could be that one party failed to uphold their side of a financial transaction, an agreement cannot be fulfilled because circumstances change, or that there is a misunderstanding in what the agreement is.

Such situations can be resolved through starting an action in court, or entering into settlement negotiations with the opposing party. A simple example, is when someone lends money and the funds are not returned within the agreed upon period of time, or with the consideration of interest and other cost factors included. There are many ways and tools available through the legal system for those looking to recover funds, to enforce a transaction, and to clarify the terms of an agreement. These avenues are not restricted to people that are residents of Canada, or Canadian citizens, but is available to anyone that has business, or a personal transaction in Canada.

Our team has experience assisting businesses and individuals pursuing their claims in court, for example reclaiming monies paid in an agreement where one party has made misrepresentations to the other, collecting debts relating to business financing or loans made to friends or family, or where a party’s performance did not meet an industry accepted or expected standard. We offer flexible payment terms and solutions to create accessibility to justice for our clients.