Canada Start-Up Visa Immigration Program

The Start-Up Visa (SUV) is a program offered through the Business Immigration stream to Canada. It targets immigrant business people and entrepreneurs, looking to establish an innovative business in Vancouver or any canadian city.

Successful applicants can use this program to obtain a permanent residency in Canada for themselves and their immediate family. It is one of the more popular immigration routes for business professionals seeking new opportunities in Canada.

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This is a type of immigration program for business entrepreneurs looking to establish a business and immigrate to Canada. Successful applicants are put on a direct pathway to a permanent residency.
In order to apply for the SUV, you must meet the eligibility requirements: you must have a qualifying business, a Letter of Support from a designated organization, proof of sufficient funds and meet the language requirements. You must submit your application with the required fees to be considered for the SUV.
It can take between 12-17 months (or more) to receive a final decision on your SUV application. Once it is approved, your application for a PR is automatically processed, which can take 2+ years to receive.
The SUV program is considered to have one of the highest success rates out of most immigration programs to Canada. The percentage of approval varies depending on the type of designated organization support. Angel investors have the highest success rate of 80%, followed by business incubators at 78% and venture capital funds at 43%. Overall the program has seen a success rate of greater than 75%.