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A franchise is a business model for expansion, whereby the franchisor who establishes the business, distributes their products or services through franchisees, who pay to conduct business under the franchisor’s trademark name and system. Franchisees pay royalties and sometimes an initial fee to franchisors to obtain rights to conduct the business.
There is no federal legislation pertaining to franchises in Canada. Instead, six provinces have enacted federal legislation including: British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. The legislation in each province is similar, but not identical. Certain industries must also adhere to provincial and municipal laws regarding the commerce of goods and services.
Not all lawyers practise franchise law, as it is not regulated in all provinces across Canada. Therefore, you must find out if your lawyer practises this specific area of law. Searching online or through a referral are the most common ways to find a franchise lawyer. Check out reviews of the firm and the lawyer’s credentials to make sure they have the knowledge and experience to deal with your company’s matters.
A franchise lawyer provides legal advice and represents individuals and businesses in legal matters pertaining to franchises. Titan Law has assisted a number of franchises in British Columbia and across Canada with franchise disclosure documents, franchise agreements, registrations, franchise litigation and dispute resolution.