Immigration Assessment

Immigrating to Canada is an exciting prospect and there is a myriad of federal and provincial programs that are available to you, depending on your educational and employment background and language proficiency. Our team in Vancouver is experienced in assisting individuals, families, and business owners in all types of immigration matters from work permits, guiding entrepreneurs through immigration plans executed through provincial programs, and appealing complex matters through the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

Titan Law can assist you with the following pathways to visit and stay in Canada:

  • Travel
  • Study
  • Work
  • Permanent Residency
  • Citizenship
  • Inadmissibility
The immigration assessment is a personalised, comprehensive document comparing your credentials and qualifications with those required for various pathways to immigrate to Canada. The lawyers at Titan Law have put together this comprehensive guide based on your assessment to illuminate which jobs guarantee immigration, what occupations each province is looking for, the level of education you may need in order to obtain more points, what scores you will require on the language tests and what your financial backing should look like.
There is no set number of points needed to qualify for the Express Entry system or the Provincial Nominee Program, as the scores vary over time. The minimum score for the Express Entry draws increase and decrease depending on the qualifications of applicants, the number of invitations and time between the draws. The PNP programs have their own unique requirements and selection systems.
This is a free assessment of your qualifications for temporary or permanent immigration to Canada. Various companies offer an assessment. You can complete an assessment form with Titan Law and receive our Personalised Assessment and Immigration Guide to help you get started with your immigration journey to Canada.
There are various different avenues to immigrate to Canada, depending on your personal circumstances and qualifications. Traditionally the most common routes used are through the federal Express Entry system, or Provincial Nominee Program. If you are an entrepreneur wanting to start a business in Canada, the Start-Up Visa business immigration program is the fastest.