Detention Review

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A detention review in court involves assessing the grounds for an individual’s detention, whether due to immigration, national security, or criminal matters. An independent decision-maker, often from the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB), reviews the detention’s justification and human rights compliance. The detainee or their representative can present evidence against detention reasons.

The Canadian detention review process includes requesting a review post-detention, a hearing where factors like flight risk and public safety are evaluated. An impartial decision-maker determines if continued detention is necessary based on presented evidence. Subsequent reviews occur at intervals to reassess detention necessity.

Detention duration varies in Canada. Immigration detention lacks a fixed maximum, but detainees can challenge continued custody through regular reviews. Criminal cases involve timely trials, and detention can relate to sentences upon conviction.

Detention reviews are scheduled regularly to ensure lawful and justified custody. They occur after initial detention and at subsequent intervals. Immigration detainees experience initial reviews soon after detention, followed by regular assessments to determine ongoing necessity based on evolving circumstances.