Immigration to Canada with Titan Law

Immigrating to Canada is an exciting prospect and there is a myriad of federal and provincial programs that are available to you, depending on your educational and employment background and language proficiency. Our team is experienced in assisting individuals, families, and business owners in all types of immigration matters from work permits, guiding entrepreneurs through immigration plans executed through provincial programs, and appealing complex matters through the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

Titan Law can assist you with the following pathways to visit and stay in Canada:


There are numerous different pathways to immigrate to Canada and each has its own set of requirements. Eligibility for most programs depends on work experience, education and language proficiency.
Compared to many other countries, Canada offers a variety of pathways and programs to foreigners looking to immigrate, whether it’s to travel, study, or work and live. There are different requirements for each program that must be met in order to immigrate.
There are several avenues to immigrate to Canada, however the federal Express Entry system is the most popular and fastest program. Other widely used streams for permanent residency are the Provincial Nominee Programs, Business Immigration and Sponsorship.
Canada has been consistently ranked as one of the most accepting countries in the world for immigrants. Although it accepts over 400,000 permanent residents each year, all immigrants must meet certain eligibility requirements to be accepted.
The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) does not require you to use a lawyer to submit your immigration application, however it is a good idea to get legal assistance if you are uncertain about your eligibility or if you are concerned about inadmissibility for some reason. The immigration process can sometimes be lengthy and complex, and it might be worth hiring a professional to guide you through any problems that arise and prevent future issues.