Intra-Company Transferee (ICT) Program

The ICT Program is a part of Titan Law’s Business Immigration initiative.  It is a highly sought-after immigration stream by international entrepreneurs and companies looking to expand their business to Canada.

It is a pathway to establishing a Canadian company and obtaining a permanent residency in the process for you and your family.

How Titan Law Can Help

Titan Law has an extensive business immigration department. Our lawyers are highly experienced and have helped numerous clients start a new business and life in Canada. 

  • We offer a personalized business assessment and detailed implementation plan based on an in-depth consultation with one of our business immigration lawyers and industry experts. Our lawyers are experts in immigration, corporate/commercial law, franchise law, and real estate law. If you are unsure if the business immigration program is for you, this assessment will give you more clarity on the likelihood of success of your business and immigration to Canada.
  • We collaborate with expert business professionals, who will assist you in creating a business plan and obtain a letter of support from a designated organization.
  • We will commence immigration applications and see them through until the end.
  • We will incorporate your business and assist in setting up the corporate records.
  • We are available at all times for additional questions and concerns throughout the entire process.
The intra company category allows Canadian companies to temporarily hire skilled foreign workers to improve management effectiveness, expand Canadian exports and enhance Canada’s competitiveness in the global market. Foreign business owners are able to move or expand their business to Canada if it aligns with these goals.
The processing time for an intra company transfer application is generally between 1-4 months, depending on the type of application and your qualifications. Processing is dependent on the visa office responsible for your country.
The documents required for intra company transfer to Canada includes a completed and signed application for the LMIA-exempt work permit, an offer of employment, a business plan, supporting documents for foreign and Canadian companies, proof of current employment and an invitation letter from a Canadian company.
Qualified intra company transferees require work permits, however as they provide a significant benefit to Canada’s market, they are exempt from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The LMIA exemption applies to foreign nationals from any country, including those under the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and similar FTAs.