Business Immigration to Canada

A Free Webinar on how to invest in your business and immigrate to Canada

Are you a business entrepreneur looking for a way to bring your business ideas and immigrate to Canada?

Hi! I am Stanley Chiu and I have helped hundreds of newcomers immigrate to Canada. Business Immigration is the perfect solution for newcomers looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to immigrate to Canada with their family. 
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The Business Immigration program is for anyone who has a business background, wants to start a business and settle in Canada. The program is offered to successful business managers and entrepreneurs who are looking for new opportunities. 

  Key requirements for Business Immigration applicants:
1. Have a previous business or managerial experience
2. Ability to communicate in English or French
3. A sufficient investment capital to start a business and settle in Canada


Join our FREE webinar and Immigrate to Canada in 2022

  September 22nd at 6 pm, Pacific Standard Time, I will give an online webinar, where you will learn how to open a business and immigrate to Canada with your family. I have also invited expert business professionals to guide you through all steps on how to open a business in Canada, deal with the Canadian tax system, find investors to fund your start up and more. After the webinar we will answer all your questions and provide you with a detailed plan on how to get started

In this webinar we will cover


1. TOP-3 Business Immigration Programs

2. What businesses qualify for immigration?  

3. How to immigrate with family? 


1. How to open a profitable business in Canada

2. How to get support from Canadian investors 

3.  What is the minimal capital to start a business in Canada? 



1. How to save on corporate taxes in Canada

2. How to get a business loan as a foreigner

3. Financial planning and organization



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Immigration Lawyer
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