Professional Civil Litigation Lawyers in Vancouver, BC

Civil Litigation is the process of resolving civil wrongs, injuries or harm in a court of law. If you have suffered losses caused by the actions of another party, Titan Law can help you rectify the damage you have suffered through various means of compensation in British Columbia.

Titan Law is located in downtown Vancouver and has helped countless clients seek justice across British Columbia. Litigation is a lengthy process and can be very challenging without the aid of a litigation lawyer. Our team of litigation lawyers are experts in the law and will ensure your claim receives the highest level of professional negotiation and advocacy it requires.

Titan Law Corporation practice areas include:

  • Construction Litigation
  • Immigration Litigation
  • Real Estate litigation
  • Corporate and commercial Litigation
  • Fraud Litigation
  • Dispute regarding professional services
  • Civil resolution tribunals
  • Construction & Commercial Mediation
  • Administrative Tribunals and professional discipline
  • Business disputes
  • Debt collection
  • Small Claims

A civil litigation lawyer, also known as a civil litigator, represents either the plaintiff or defendant in a civil case. There are many phases of a civil proceeding, including the case assessment, pleadings, discovery and trial, all of which can be overwhelming without a litigator who knows best how to maximize the potential of your claim. Our experts will use mediation and arbitration wherever possible to reach a settlement, however are always prepared to litigate through trial and also appeal decisions when needed.

The Civil Litigation Process

The litigation process and timing vary from case to case, however there are some key defining steps leading to trial in a lawsuit. Titan Law will assist you with every step of litigation whether you are suing or being sued.

In British Columbia, according to the statute of limitations, a civil claim must be filed between two and six years, depending on the type of matter in pursuit. Once a claim is filed in court, there are procedural time limits that must be taken in to consideration.

Titan Law will ensure all time limits are adhered to. We will make sure the entire process from start to finish is coordinated and communicated with you and opposing counsel.

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A civil litigation lawyer is a lawyer who litigates and advocates for civil wrongdoings, injuries or harm in court. They represent either the plaintiff or defendant in the case, and handle the entire lawsuit from the initial investigation through to trial. They are experts in the law, court proceedings and negotiations.
There are many ways to find a civil litigation lawyer, whether it is searching online, or through a referral. When choosing a civil litigation lawyer, ensure that they are a barrister familiar with court proceedings and the law surrounding your case. Check out reviews of the firm and the lawyer’s credentials to make sure they have the knowledge and experience to deal with your matter.
Not all lawyers practise civil litigation and resolve civil disputes. A civil litigation lawyer is a litigator that represents a party in court proceedings. A litigator will focus their practise on advocacy in the court and can resolve civil disputes.
The Statute of Limitations outlines the time period for which you can file a lawsuit, depending on the type of case. The time limits are outlined in the Limitation Act, and are strictly enforced. If you wait longer than your time line to file a claim, it will not be permissible in court.
The length of time it takes to file a claim in court depends on the type of claim, level of court and whether it is fast track litigation. Contact Titan Law for a free consultation to determine time lines and how to best proceed with your case.