Spousal Sponsorship to Canada

Love Knows No Borders: FREE Spousal Sponsorship Webinar with Brian Yuen

Need help to reunite with your loved ones? 

Hello! I’m Brian Yuen, an experienced lawyer at Titan Law, and I’m here to assist you in sponsoring your spouses to Canada, no matter how challenging your case may be. With 16 years of advocacy experience, I’ve helped individuals from many countries stand for their rights and succeed in court.

Whether you’re just starting the process or have faced challenges in the past, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge needed for a successful spousal sponsorship journey.


Love has the power to cure everything, including the most challenging immigration cases. At Titan Law, we understand importance of keeping families together, and we thrive in turning hopeless situations into success stories.

Key requirements to sponsor your loved one:

  1. To be a permanent resident or citizen of Canada;
  2. Have a genuine relationship with your partner; 

and Titan Law will take care of the rest!

In this webinar we will cover​

Featured Speaker: Sameera Ismail, Legal Expert in Spousal Sponsorship


Sameera Ismail, a director at Titan Law, will be joining us as an expert speaker at our spousal sponsorship webinar. Sameera possesses impressive expertise in sponsorship appeals, adeptly handling the most complicated situations. Her experience extends to assisting immigrants with complex backgrounds, including previously refused refugees and individuals facing deportation. She will share her vast knowledge and answer your most complex questions.

Join our FREE webinar and sponsor your spouse in 2024

On February 21st at 6 pm, Pacific Standard Time, I will conduct an online webinar where I’ll guide you through the essential steps of spousal sponsorship and provide updates on recent program changes. This webinar serves as your gateway to a successful spousal sponsorship process. At the end of the session, I will address all your questions.

Following the webinar, all registered participants will receive the recorded session. Additionally, they will be able to book a free 1:1 eligibility consultation with Titan Law. 

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