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Do I need a lawyer for IRCC

Do you need an immigration lawyer to apply for permanent or temporary residence in Canada?

There is no rule that says an applicant must apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada through a lawyer.

Many applicants apply and succeed on their own. Some applications, however, contain complexities which are difficult to navigate and contribute to a high risk of failure or significant delay. Whether your application is straight-forward or complex, a good lawyer will protect your rights and communicate with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada in a concise and clear manner, highlighting the laws and regulations that are relevant to your application.

Moreover, our lawyers at Titan Law Corporation can assist you in formulating a migration plan so that your processing through Canadian immigration is clear and purposeful.

What is the difference between hiring a lawyer and a licensed consultant?

A lawyer (also known as attorney, barrister, or solicitor) is licensed to perform legal functions, such as represent a client in court or before a tribunal, draft legal documentation, interpret and apply laws and regulations, and give legal advice.

The practice of law is regulated by each of the provinces, and all lawyers must have a bachelor of law degree from a recognized university, have passed law admission examinations, and been trained under a practising lawyer. A lawyer often has expertise in more than one area of law, such as immigration law, administrative law, criminal law, wills and estate planning, corporate and commercial law, etc. in addition to advocacy training to advance a client’s position in contentious proceedings.

The conduct of lawyers is regulated by professional rules of conduct, the breach of which may result in the suspension or loss of the lawyer’s license to practice law.

The admission process for licensed immigration consultants in Canada is far less rigorous. Immigration consultants do not need the same education, nor are they scrutinized to the same standards.

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