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Stay in Canada on a work visa while waiting for approval of your permanent residency

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Start-Up Visa Immigration Program

The Start-Up Visa (SUV) is a program offered through the Business Immigration stream to Canada. It targets immigrant business people and entrepreneurs, looking to establish an innovative business in Canada.

Why Start-Up Visa

Family Immigration

Immigrate to Canada with your immediate family

Stay in Canada

Stay in Canada on work visa while waiting for PR

Canadian Citizenship

Apply for Canadian citizenship in 3 years

Fast-Track Process

Obtain PR faster then through the other programs

Incubators Support

Get help from incubators to grow your businesses faster

Program Requirements

2 Ways to Participate in the SUV Program

Open a New Business

Have the freedom to create a business model that aligns with their vision and goals, lower upfront costs and opportunity of bring fresh ideas and innovations to the market.

Buying an Existing Business

Have immediate cash flow, established customer database, established brand, experience employees, higher upfront costs.

How It Works

Business Research

We will conduct thorough due diligence and market research, provide potential business ideas based on market demands, reviewing your immigration documents.

Business Plan

Once the business concept is finalized, the business consultants will draft a detailed business plan and after review by lawyers at Titan Law, the plan will be finalized, taking around 1-2 months.

Letter of Support

We'll work with you to draft a pitch deck, apply to designated organizations, guide you through interviews, and estimate a 3-8 week period for obtaining a letter of support for the Start-Up Visa program.

Immigration Applications

We will submit your applications for work permits and PR after receiving your letter of support, while also assisting with business setup, and connecting you with professional partners to establish you in Canada.

Life in Canada

Once your work permit is received, you can enter Canada, start your business, and live with your family. Titan Law will continue to work on your PR applications and offer ongoing support.

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Titan Law is a leading immigration law firm in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our lawyers have experience handling different types of immigration applications, including SUV applications.

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Immigration Audit

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